Friday, November 9, 2018

Having a home down to earth !

Bringing earth into your house is an important aspect for the overall atmosphere and feeling in the cube in which you spend time.... so yes this topic can also be applied to your office cubicle.
Having wood through hardwood floor is an easy step, but you can have a touch of wood on a table top, decor, wall etc... wood is probably the easiest to bring inside.
Textile is a little bit more tricky but leather, linen or cotton will do it. Think natural textile like linen for your curtains, leather for your seating, cotton or wool for your rug, cushions, blanket...
If you have a green thumb adding some indoor plants would make your home inviting and warm... in the kitchen you can grow herbs. If you have pets or no space on the ground think about your walls and pending pots from the ceiling. For more inspiration, I personally love and recommend the book “Rooted in design” by Tara Heibel and Tassy de Give.
The most expensive part of bringing the earth inside would be stone... a nice marble or granite slab on your kitchen countertop would be the obvious... natural stone for tiles and stone around your fireplace would also work. In decoration, a plant in a terrarium with stones is an easy and affordable way to bring earth into your home.